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Character swordsman01
Basic Information
Class No information
Race Human
Gender Male
Personal Information
Affiliations Rakion
Long Sword • Spear (Advancement) • Dagger


Rakion Swordsman Icon

Difficulty - 2 Star Rating


Swordsman is the core in the battle and the strongest man at close quarter combat. Nobody can find his weak point at the battle if he is yielding a sharpened sword and equipping a firm armor. There are two types of swords man. One is disciplining himself to improve his skills and the other is combat with creature, using the Cell Points. He is brave enough to be the leader at any battle.

Special Features

Swordsman is well balanced both offensively and defensively. You can lead the battle easily if you read enemy's movement. He is a standard type of character and adequate for beginners.But he is weak in long range and anti air attack by creature.


The Swordsman is one of the five character classes in Rakion. The Swordsman is a balanced character using swords and throwing daggers as weapons. This class has a 3 hit combo basic attack along with another 3-hit and 2-hit basic attack combos with a 3-hit powerful special attack which can stack up to four hits at higher levels. The throwing dagger the Swordsman has is faster and flys farther than the throwing axe a Blacksmith has, but weaker than the throwing axe. This class can be used as a tank or a damage dealer either way your vulnerable to range attacks that the Archer uses and your speed cannot be matched to a Ninja so you need to time your attacks carefully. The front grip is a stab to the chest and the na quick slash turning you backwards, a 2-hit grip. The back grip is a quick stab to the back making the target fall on the floor then a stronger stab while the target is on the floor, 2-hit grip. Swordsman should mainly focus their stats on range, special attack, basic attack, attack speed, a little move speed and maybe health/armor. This class is recommended for people who like 1 vs 1s.



Long Sword - Close quarter weapons and strong serial attacks.

Technique Contents Command
Single slash Move forward and slash horizontally. (After delay1) Mouse01
Double slash Move forward and slash horizontally twice. (After delay1) Mouse01Mouse01
Double slash 2 Slash once horizontally and once vertically. (After delay2) Mouse01Mouse02
Triple slash Move forward and slash horizontally 3 times.(After delay2.5)


Triple slash 2 Move forward and slash horizontally twice. Knock out enemy after delay by holding the false edge with hand. (After delay2.5)

Mouse01Mouse01Mouse02(Guardless) (Fainting)

Jump attack Strike down from mid-air (After delay2)

(When jumping)Mouse01(Knockdown)

Forward stab A long stabbing moving forward. (After delay2)

Up iconUp iconMouse01(Knockdown)

Forward slash Move forward and slash horizontally. Knock out by using power of pushing and striking. (After delay2.5)

Up iconUp iconMouse02(Knock out)

3 combo strike After storing-up-energy action strikes 3 times consecutively. (After delay2)

Mouse02: Keep holding (Guardless)(Knockdown)

The sky slash Guard position. Move forward a few steps and slash horizontally at once powerfully. (After delay3) Mouse03 (Invincible mode) (Knockdown)
Rising up attack Slash while rotating, rising-up. (After delay1)

(when knocked-down)Mouse01 (Fainting)

Guard Guard by guard position. Shift icon
Front grip Stab once and retreat knife. Slash horizontally. (After delay2) (Approached from front)Mouse03
Rear grip Stab enemy's back and stab again at the lying down enemy. (After delay2) (Approached from back)Mouse03


Dagger - Long range weapon, cause big damage in case of hitting the target.

Technique Contents Command
Shoot Throw dagger. Mouse01
Guard Guard by guard position. Shift icon
Rising up attack Slash while rotating, rising-up with dagger. (After delay1) (When knocked-down)Mouse01

Chaos Mode

Chaos Swordsman Transforms into a fighter who uses a long spear. Uses powerful slash techniques with wide perimeter.

Technique Contents Command
Single slash Move forward and slash with spear horizontally. Mouse01
Double slash Move forward and slash with spear horizontally twice. Mouse01Mouse01
Triple dual slash Move forward and slash twice horizontally. Rotate and slash once more.

Mouse01Mouse01Mouse01(Knockdown) (Guardless)

Consecutive slash Store up energy and dash. Slash enemy on sides.

Mouse02: Keep holding (Guardless)

Stab in Stab quickly twice and slowly once blowing enemy.



Guard Guard by guard position. Shift icon


GP Rakion - Swordsman Lv05:04

GP Rakion - Swordsman Lv.1

Swordman Spear ver beta01:17

Swordman Spear ver beta.wmv

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