Stat Buff Image

Stat Buff Item

1. What is Stat Buff?

This item allows you to have extra stats to be used on a character for a period of time.

There are 5 different types of Stat buff, so please check the amount of slots and duration of those stats before purchase.

2. How to use Stat Buff

Purchasing the item will create an icon in the inventory Double click the item using the character you want to use the item on and the item is in effect.(Time during inventory does not count towards the expiration time.)

Stat Buff Item can not be used with other Stat Buff and neither the Initialize Stat Item can be used.

Move to Inventory to check Level Points, Power user bonus points and Stat buff points below those points.

3. Price of Stat Buff

Varies on Amount and Duration of Stat Buff

100 STAT 7 Days Limit : 3,400 Cash

200 STAT 3 Days Limit : 4,000 Cash

200 STAT 7 Days Limit : 4,500 Cash

300 STAT 3 Days Limit : 4,600 Cash

300 STAT 7 Days Limit : 5,000 Cash

Questions and Answers

Q1: Can I use stats given with Stat buff forever?
A1: Stats given from Stat buff will last until the time limit set on them. After that time, the stats disappears like a temporary buff.
Q2: After the expiration time, will the stats go back?
A2: Even though stat amount and duration is different, the stats after expiration time will go back to stats prior to purchase.