Stage Unlimit Image

Stage Unlimit Item

1. What is Stage Unlimit?Edit

This item releases all the restriction of entering stages no matter your current level.

2. How to use Stage UnlimitEdit

Double click the item in shop for purchase and Item is Instantly used.

This Item applies to all characters once purchased, and the remaining time for the Stage Unlimit Item will show below the character information on the game list.

3. Price of Stage UnlimitEdit

16,500 Cash for 1 day

Questions and AnswersEdit

Q1: How long does the Stage Unlimit work?
A1: It is applied for 24 hours or equivalent to 1 day.
Q2: Does this affect only selected character?
A2: No. This item is applied to all characters.
Q3: After 24 hours, does the stage unlimit not work anymore?
A3: Yes, after 24 hours of using the item, the item disappears. Remaining time will be shown below the character information on the game list.

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