Stage Reset Image

Stage Reset Item

1. What is Stage Reset?

Resets Stage cleared information of the character who purchased the item with is initialized with this item.

(After the reset, the rewards for clearing stages can be earned again.)

2. How to use Stage Reset

Double click the item in shop for purchase and Item is Instantly used.

The item only applies to the character that the item is purchased with, And creating stage maps after purchasing will show that all rank has been reset. (But, Characters below level 10 can not purchase this item)

3. Price of Stage Reset

Character Level Item Price
10~20 Level 3,000 Cash
21~40 Level 6,500 Cash
41 Level or Above 9,900 Cash

Questions and Answers

Q1: Will using Stage Reset also reset the awards won?
A1: No. It will only reset the Ranks of the stages without resetting Gold and EXP.
Q2: Is only 1 Character affected with 1 item?
A2: Yes, only the character used to purchase the item will have Stage information reset.