1. Rakion Power User (don’t selling, no more)

Rakion Power user is a totally different service model from existing games, which selli items and premium use. Authorized Power users can use all the functions without any conditions and can play with many advantages. Authorized Power users do not need to make addition payments for 30 days.

2. Rakion Power Card

Power card is the one item you have to buy if you want to be authorized as a Power user. Purchasing the Power card will instantly make you a Power user.

3. Benefits of Power user

See the chart

Item Power User Not Power User
Experience 50% More Standard
Bonus level point Provides 5 None
Need point of chaos dissguise 5 points (5 kills) 6 points (6 kills)
Cell point generate function 15% higher cell point apply None
Chaos timer 5 seconds extension None
Power User exclusive item Possible to buy Impossible to buy
Discount of re-purchase 2000 cash discount to re-purshase of Power card 8000 cash to the first purchase


  • Buying the power card gives the character that bought the card 5 stat points, not 5 to all of your characters and not 5 per level.

4. To buy Power card

Need Cash from to buy Power card.

To get Softnyx cash, join and get more information from Cash Purchase from How to Charge.

There are many easy ways to pay.

5. How to buy Power card with Softnyx Cash

It is very easy to buy Power card if you already have more than 8000 cash from Softnyx.

To purchase Power card click Buy Power Card inside the game shop under Ex-Item.

Questions and Answers

Here are the answers of many questions asked about Power user.

Q1: What happens to the items that I bought when I was a Power user if I do not repurchase Power card? Do I lose the items?
A1: The items will not be deleted. The Power user items that you bought can be used without repurchasing.
Q2: I just recently bought a Power card for Rakion and created a new character to use it with, I got the initial bonus of 5 stat points but when I leveled up I only got 3 points.
A2:Power card only gives an initial bonus of 5 stat points when you buy it, not an extra 2 points when you level up.
Q3: Do I get to keep the extra stat points that I gained when I bought Power card?
A3: Yes, stat points gained from Power card are kept forever.
Q4: Is there any limit on the purchase of Power Card?
A4: There is no limit on the purchase of Power Card. However, a player can hold up to maximum of 6 Power Cards at a time. For example, if you have 6 Power Cards already, you can't make any more purchase of Power Cards and addition of stat. points.