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Character ninja01
Basic Information
Class No information
Race Human
Gender Female
Personal Information
Affiliations Rakion
Dagger • Chakram (Advancement) • Dart-knife


Rakion Ninja Icon

Difficulty - 5 Star Rating


"Speed can overcome everything gets in my way."

Ninja is an female assassin. She can approach the enemy quickly but silently. She is dispatched to continent to discover the secret of the cell.

Special Features

Ninja is the quickest character in this game. She can jump the highest and change weapons very quickly. But weak strength makes her hard to blow away enemy's armors and she will not be shown on radar when throwing a dagger.


The ninja is one of the five character classes in Rakion. It is a speed class, specializing in quick attacks with low damage but also low delay. Ninjas also have the strongest grips in the game, the fastest move speed out of all five classes, and the smallest charge time for specials. However, ninjas also have weak ranged attacks and the weakest basic attack in the game.



Dagger - Dagger has short and saw-like back-blade and very useful for stab and twist.

Technique Contents Command
Single stab Move forward and slash horizontally. (After delay1) Mouse01
Double stab Move forward and slash horizontally twice. (After delay1) Mouse01Mouse01
Triple stab Move forward and slash horizontally twice and vertically once. (After delay2) Mouse01Mouse01Mouse01
Triple stab 2 Move forward and slash horizontally twice and throw dagger into air. Catch it and slash widely.(frontal 180 degrees) (After delay2.5) Mouse01Mouse01Mouse02
Quadruple stab Stab 3 times and stab again while jump backwards by stepping on enemy. (After delay2)

Mouse01Mouse01Mouse01Mouse01 (Knockdown)

Quadruple stab 2 (existing)

Stab 3 times. Blow enemy away with explosives in between hands. (After delay1)

Mouse01Mouse01Mouse01Mouse02(Guardless) (Knockdown)

Jump attack Projects sword outside and rotates in mid-air. (when jumping)Mouse01
Triple combo air kick Jumps up frontal and kick 3 times twisting foot. (After delay2)

Up iconUp iconMouse01(Knockdown)

Adhere Advance forward in guard position. A dash technique. (After delay1) Up iconUp iconMouse02
Assault Powerful triple slashing after storing up energy. (After delay2.5)

Mouse02: Keep holding 0.7~1.2 (Guardless) (Knockdown)

Power explosion Disappears suddenly and strikes down from air 1 second later. (After delay3)

Mouse03 (Invincible mode) (knockdown)

Explosion (Rising up attack) Disappears suddenly while lying down. Appears again after explosion. (After delay1)

(when Knocked-down)Mouse01 (Fainting)

Guard Guards itself by guard position. Shift icon
Front grip Slashes enemy’s neck by putting dagger on enemy’s neck and rotating Ninja’s body. (After delay2) (Approached from front)Mouse03
Rear grip Stab enemy’s neck from rear by getting on enemy from back. (After delay2) (Approached from rear)Mouse03


Dart-knife - Dart-knife will strike enemy with whistle. It is a little slower than arrow but flies zigzag, it has great accuracy.

Technique Contents Command
Shoot Throws dart-knife Mouse01
Shoot 2 Jumps into air after warm-up and throws 9 dart-knifes toward the ground. Has some affect even though it has been guarded. (After delay2)

Mouse02: Keep holding

Guard Guard by guard position. Shift icon
Explosion (Rising up attack) Disappears suddenly while lying down. Appears again after explosion.

(When knocked-down) Mouse01


Chaos Mode

Throws powerful dart-knifes and attacks quickly. It’s hard to run away and dart-knifes are too powerful to block.

Technique Contents Command
Single dash Move forward quickly and slash enemy. Invisible for a moment and can be seen slashing after advancement. Mouse01
Double dash 2 consecutive frontal dash and slash enemy. Mouse01Mouse01
Explosion dash

2 consecutive frontal dash and disappears during third dash.

Explosion occurs at that spot and appears again.

Mouse01Mouse01Mouse01(Knockdown) (Guardless)

Steel darts sprinkling Collects light in hand and throws 9 dart-knifes twice after jumping.

Mouse02: Keep holding (Knockdown)

Phoenix After warm-up rotates frontal and consecutively attacks enemies on sides.

Mouse03(Knockdown) (Guardless)

Guard Guard with guard position. Shift icon


Rakion Master Ninja

Rakion Master Ninja

Rakion Ninja New weapon Chakram

Rakion Ninja New weapon Chakram.wmv