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Keyboard esc: Option Keyboard tab: Status board
Keyboard f1: Manual Keyboard f9: Messenger
Keyboard ctrl+Keyboard no1,Keyboard no2,Keyboard no3: Summon Creature(Cell) Keyboard no1Keyboard no2Keyboard no3Keyboard no4Keyboard no5Keyboard no6: Potion
Keyboard f4: Change control type Keyboard q: Change Weapon
Keyboard c: Chaos tranform
Keyboard w: Forward motion Keyboard a : Left motion
Keyboard s: Backward motion Keyboard d: Right motion
Keyboard shift: Defense/Guard Keyboard space : Jump
Keyboard wKeyboard w+ Left mouse click Dash and attack
Hold right mouse button 1~3 second Special attack
Left,right mouse simultaneous click(Very close to enemy) Grip attack(If grip fails, invinsible attack)
  • You can alter your shortcut setting in launcher > game option > setting > control.

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