Clans are the core of the Rakion community. Making friends with people in game is a very fun and exciting part of the Rakion game play experience. Clans are one of the official community system that Rakion provides. If you have a Clan, there will be a site just for the Clan on the official Rakion Homepage. In this site, members can talk about the game and can see the statistics of their clan and other clans. Two Clans can have a Clan war as well.

1. What is a clan?


2. Clan Joining


3. Creating a Clan


4. Clan Management

Clan members' levels are divided as Master, Knight, Apprentice, and Novice with following abilities.

Clan board Use Clan Battle Participation Clan Battle Request Clan Member Level Management New member acceptance Clan Closure
Clan Master 10 100 1000 10000 100000 1000000
Clan Knight 1 1 1 1 1 X
Clan Apprentice 1 1 X X X X
Clan Novice 1 X X X X


5. Clan Retirement

When a clan member retires from the clan, their M-Exp and M-Points are deleted.
The retired user may not participate in any clan battle until they join a clan.

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