Chaos Mode is a very powerfull temporary bonus that can be accessed by reaching 6 kills. It transformes any character to an upgraded version of themselves, giving them bonuse attack speed and movement speed. Some items can expent the chaos time once purchased.

Each character has it's own chaos mode, listed below:

Chaos Swordsman Edit

Transforms the swordsman into a gigantic powerful monster-like warrior, gives him the ability to slash opponets, load a full-scale attack on them, and do a powerfull X4 combo attack.

Chaos BlacksmithEdit

Needs Info

Chaos ArcherEdit

Transformes the Archer to an angel-like woman who can shoot 2 arrows per second, multipile-guardless arrows, and guardless spinning attack.

Chaos MageEdit

Needs Info

Chaos NinjaEdit

Needs Info

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