Change Character Name Image

Change Character Name Item

1. What is changing characters' name?

This item changes your current character's name.

2. How to buy Changing characters' name

Double click the item inside the shop for purchase and the Item is Instantly used.

3. Price of changing character's name

3,000 Cash for a piece

Questions and Answers

Q1: Buying changing characters' name, what will be changed?
A1: Changing character's name allows you to retype the name of the character you are currently on. We will look over for additional functions later.
Q2: What condition do I have to satisfy to change my character's name?
A2: Able to use the Alphabet or number, [,], <,>, (,), able to input a maximum of 12 characters.
Q3: Can I buy changing character's name now and use it later?
A3: No, changing character's name applies immediately and cannot be kept.
Q4: Can I get a refund for changing characters' name if I didn't use it?
A4: No, purchased items cannot be refunded once they are bought. Think more carefully when you are buying it.