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Character blacksmith01
Basic Information
Class Tank
Race Unknown
Gender Male
Personal Information
Affiliations Rakion
Hammer • Fist (Advancement) • Axes


Rakion Blacksmith Icon

Difficulty - 2 Star Rating


Blacksmiths used to make armors and weapons until the time of the cell arrived. Now they try to collect and trim the cell as much as they can. They are a little bit slow but they are the strongest class in this game. The blacksmiths are accustomed at killing creatures and collecting cells, so they are not afraid of the creature that roams in the battle field.

Special Features

Blacksmith is a good character of good strength and strong power. This class is type of approaching attacker and best adequate for close battles. His hammer attack takes more delay time but it gives the strongest damage to the enemy.He is going to be a creature killer.


The Blacksmith is one of the five character classes in Rakion. He has a powerful 2-hit basic combo, area-of-effect special attack, and strong ranged attacks. However, his attacks are the slowest in the game, leaving him vulnerable to faster classes such as the Ninja or Swordsman.



Hammer - The most powerful armor breaking attack.

Technique Contents Command
Single swing Move forward and swing hammer horizontally.(After delay1) Mouse01
Double swing Move forward and swing hammer horizontally twice.(After delay1.5) Mouse01Mouse01 (Knockdown)
Double swing 2 Move forward and swing hammer horizontally once. Swing again vertically once. (Narrow affective area but powerful) (After delay2) Mouse01Mouse02 (Knockdown)
Forward stab Move forward and stab rotating hammer.(After delay2.5) Up iconUp iconMouse01 (Knockdown)
Forward stab 2 Move forward and stab hammer vertically blowing enemy.(After delay2.5) Up iconUp iconMouse02 (Knockdown)
Jump attack Rotates while jumping in upright position and slashes all around. (After delay3) (when jumping) Mouse01 (Knockdown)
Store-up-energy strike Store up energy in hammer and strike down. All characters on close surface will be damaged. (Inside 2.5m radius) (After delay2) Mouse02: Keep holding 0.7~1.2 (Guardless)
Spinning Have invincible time. Do damage by spinning hammer in wide circles. (After delay3.5)


(Invincible mode) (Knockdown)

Rising up attack Do damage by spinning hammer while rising-up. (After delay1)

(when knock-downed) Mouse01(Fainting)

Guard Guard by guard position. Shift icon
Front grip Hits enemy’s head and stops its movement. Then hit again with hammer bouncing enemy off. (After delay2) (Approached from front)Mouse03
Rear grip Hold enemy’s neck and pinpoint. Then twist it. (After delay2) (Approached from rear)Mouse03


Axes - Short range but cause strong damage.

Technique Contents Command
Shoot 1 Aim and throw hand axe.

Mouse01: Keep holding

Guard Guard by guard position. Shift icon
Rising up attack Slash all around by spinning axe while rising up. (After delay1)

(When knocked-down)Mouse01 (Fainting)

Chaos Mode

Chaos Blacksmith Transforms into a giant using iron hammer. As the mightiest armor destruction machine, it does strong damage in wide ranges.

Technique Contents Command
Single swing Move forward and swing iron hammer horizontally. Mouse01
Double swing Move forward and swing iron hammer horizontally twice. Mouse01Mouse01
Triple combo swing Advancing forward, swinging the iron hammer horizontally twice, and then striking it once on the ground. The surrounding characters with their feet on the ground get knocked-down with damages. (within the 5 meters of radius) Mouse01Mouse01Mouse01(Knockdown) (Guardless)
Swing and Blow After warming up, broadly swinging the iron hammer twice and striking it on the vicinity, there by blowing the struck enemies “remarkably far” away. Mouse02: Holding 0.7~1.2 (Knockdown) (Guardless)
Parade of Crushing (Invincible attack) Have invincible time. Move forward and rotates iron hammer in 360 degrees. Mouse03(Guardless)
Guard Guard by guard position. Shift icon


BlackSmith Solo06:19

BlackSmith Solo

Rakion Blacksmith New weapon Fist01:17

Rakion Blacksmith New weapon Fist.wmv

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