Black Blazer
Creature BlackBlazer
Basic Information
Attack style Attacking the magic
Race Unknown
Researched Information
Introduced In ????
Cain's forces
Related Creatures
Sky BlazerWhite BlazerBlazer (Original)
Cain's Guardian • Soldier • Mage
Black Blazer Slot Icon

Availability - Level 8

Purchase Price - 9900 Cash

Return Price - 12000 Gold

Basic Stats

Stat Base Amount
Attack 60
Energy 160
Attack Speed 6.0
Vision Range 60
Attack Speed (d.) 4.0
Cell Point 1200



  • Blazers can't attack when summoned above ground, the summoned unit will continue to fall down slowly until the creature reaches the ground.
  • It will take some time for this creature to attack after being summoned to the battlefield.
  • This creature stays where it was summoned and it will not move unless pushed.
Abilities Type Contents
Triple Fire Ball [Ranged] Fire Magic

Shoots blazing magic to enemies in three different directions. (Knockdown)


Guardians of the Cain's castle. They shoot fireballs in three directions, blocking the paths of the intruders.

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