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Character archer01
Basic Information
Class No information
Race Human
Gender Female
Personal Information
Affiliations Rakion
Middle sized sword • Long Range Bow • Crossbow (Advancement)


Rakion Archer Icon

Difficulty - 3 Star Rating


"Please don't show me your tender neck. That is going to be my favorite target."

In early times, archers formed as a group and had a role in long range attacks. But after creatures appeared, they accustomed to do more of approaching attacks. They equip middle size sword because of their light weight.

Special Features

Archer is woman class who uses bow as a main weapon. She takes part in long ranged attacks and they are also adequate for close quarter battles.She is really good at long range, anti-sky attack and backing up team. But she is usually weak at approaching attack. It depends of course. Some archers are more powerful than swordsmen.


The Archer is one of the 5 popular classes in Rakion. She is classified as a support character, shooting arrows from distance, but also can engage in close combat with her short sword. The Archer's main wepon is her range weapon, the bow. She has the 2nd fastest rate of range fire in the game( the ninja's being the fastest) with stun ability for her arrows to support her team. (unlike the ninja). At higher levels, the archer becomes an excellent support and solo character (if range is maxed) because of her ability to snag kills from a distance and kill other players quickly and safetly. A common mis-understanding, putting points into attack speed does NOT increase rate of fire, only the speed of her melee attacks. The Archer's melee consist of a short sword which is similar to the warriors broad sword, yet insuperior. The only exception to her melee ability is her special attack, being the strongest in the game, difficult to use but, if you land a hit with her clumsy, slow attacks, you deal a CRITICAL amount of damage that can easily kill your opponent in one powerful spin of death.



Middle sized sword - Recommend stabbing or grip attack.

Technique Contents Command
Single slash Move forward and slash horizontally. (After delay1) Mouse01
Double slash Move forward and slash horizontally twice. (After delay2) Mouse01Mouse01
Jump attack Rotates from ground to sky in mid-air and slash. (After delay2)

(When jumping)Mouse01


Forward stab Move forward and stab twice consecutively. (After delay2)

Up iconUp iconMouse01(Knockdown)

Storing-up-energy strike 3 consecutive strikes after warm-up. (After delay2)

Mouse02: Keep holding (Guardless) (Knockdown)

Invincible attack Rotates while jumping in upright position and slashes all around. (After delay3)

Mouse03(Invincible mode) (Knockdown)

Rising up attack Slash while rotating, rising up. (After delay1)

(when knock-downed)Mouse01(Fainting)

Guard Guard by guard position. Shift icon
Front grip Steps up enemy and rotates in mid-air. Stabs. (After delay2) (Approached from front)Mouse03
Rear grip Holds enemy's shoulder with left hand and stabs enemy’s back ruthlessly. (After delay2) (Approached from rear)Mouse03


Long Range Bow - Shoot arrows at mid and long range enemy using powerful Long Range Bow.

Technique Contents Command
Shoot 1 Shoots plain arrows.

Mouse01: Keep holding

Guard Guard by guard position. Shift icon
Rising up attack Rotates while rising up and slash all around using arrow. (After delay1)

(When knocked-down)Mouse01


Chaos Mode

Transforms into a fighter who uses a long spear. Uses powerful slash techniques with wide perimeter.

Technique Contents Command
Quick shoot Shoots arrows very quickly. 2 shoots/second

Mouse01: Keep holding (Fainting)

Judge Shoots 5 guardless arrows into 5 directions at once. (5 degrees interval)

Mouse02: Keep holding (Guardless) (Knockdown)

Wake Slashes around using arrows while rotating once. Knocks out approaching enemies and bounces them off. (Have similar effects as rising up attack)

Mouse03 (Guardless)

Guard Guard with guard position. Shift icon


Archer - Rakion Chaos force01:30

Archer - Rakion Chaos force

Rakion Archer New weapon Crossbow01:24

Rakion Archer New weapon Crossbow.wmv

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