Adding Character Slot Image

Adding Character Slot Item

1. What is "Adding Character Slot?"Edit

It is a buyable option to have more character slots than the original 3 you are given.

You were given 3 slots to begin with, but you can get more slots to make new characters.

2. How to use "Adding Character Slot?"Edit

Double click the item in shop for purchase and Item is Instantly used.

After purchase, move to character select screen to see the extra character slot.

3. Price of "Adding Character Slot?" Edit

1 Slot Addition 12,000 Cash

Questions and AnswersEdit

Q1: What's the maximum number of slots I can buy?
A1: You can buy a maximum of 3 slots. Which will give you a maximum of 6 slots altogether. A> (basic 3 + 3 by Cash = 6 slots)
Q2: How long can I use it?
A2: Use of this Ex-Item is indefinite. This is a non-refundable item.

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